90's MIDI Key Loops - £19.95
90's midi key loops

Smash Up The Studio presents a superbly authentic collection of 90’s House keyboard loops in MIDI format. Includes loops designed for classic House organs and pianos, rhodes, synths, basses and more! A “must have” for producers craving that more musical 90’s club fix!

The 90’s is back! And with it comes “90’s MIDI Key Loops“ This collection of MIDI loops is bang on the money and perfectly reflects the styles and musical flavours of the era. Performed by keyboardist Steve Burton who himself played on many club hits throughout the 90’s and beyond.

All loops were originally performed at 125 BPM but with MIDI the user is in control of tempo, sound and a host of other editing capabilities. Each loop contains the key signature within the file name and the loops range in length between 2 and 16 bars. As with all Smash Up The Studio MIDI loops we try to focus on a high level of musicality and structure. As a result you will find that most of our loops can become the musical base for an entire track.

All MIDI loops featured in our demo are available in the pack.

Please Note:

Smash Up The Studio MIDI packs do not contain drum loops or audio files.


127 MIDI Loops



Performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio

All loops are royalty free


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