MIDI Keys: Electric Piano Loop Bundle - £39.95 (normal price £60.00)
electric piano midi

Here is a chance to own our complete range of MIDI Electric Piano Loops at a superb knockdown price.

MIDI Keys: Club Grooves Electric Piano 1
Fantastic R&B and Soul loops

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MIDI Keys: Club Grooves Electric Piano 2
One of our best sellers! covers Disco and House.
An absolute "must have"

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MIDI Keys: Chilled Out Grooves Electric Piano Down-Tempo
Ultra laid back ambient vibes

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MIDI Keys: Chilled Out Grooves Electric Piano Up-Tempo
Wicked chords for chilled out Deep House

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The collection covers R&B, Soul, Chillout, Disco, House and Pop and in total contains 213 amazing 4 - 8 bar MIDI loops performed by top session keyboardist Steve Burton. Great chords, played to perfection.

Obviously as these loops are MIDI you are not just limited to using electric piano sounds, but any sound you wish, and the loops sound great when using a wide array of plug ins / synthesizers etc.

All in all this is a fantastic resource for producers and songwriters alike, and each of these loops could easily be used as the basic musical structure for an entire track.

Get all 4 collections for just £39.95 (normal price £60)





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