Smash Up The Studio started out in the summer of 2008 aiming to provide producers with high quality MIDI products for use in music production. As professional musicians ourselves we demand that our content is always right up there in terms of musical quality.

In order to achieve these high standards we use only the best musicians, seasoned professionals with a proven track record in the music industry. To us it is always about the music, we want to hear beautiful chord progressions and clever arrangements put together by people who can actually play! This is what sets our products apart and way beyond the competition.

Our MIDI products vary considerably and cover a wide range of styles, but we specialise in keyboard chords, riffs and music loops. Anything that can be performed on a MIDI keyboard is where we excel. We offer beautifully performed piano loops, natural and un quantised straight from the artists fingertips. Jazzy soulful construction kits with all instruments performed live, often with a real drummer for maximum natural feel.

There are packs designed specifically for virtual instruments such as multi-sampled strings. All professionally arranged and broken down into separate instruments so the user has total control over each part the orchestra. We also cater for producers of house, trance etc and offer a number of products for those who prefer the more quantised feel of modern dance music. The groove of these loops and the level of swing factor used varies depending on the style of music.

Whatever your taste, the flexibility of MIDI has few boundaries and all parts can be edited, from key signature to tempo, groove, notation and velocity, to the users own personal requirements.

Whilst MIDI is at the core of Smash Up The Studio, our production team also create audio samples. We are lucky enough to have at our disposal a large collection of vintage synthesisers and keyboards that have been heavily gigged and toured around the world, but lovingly maintained. WE LOVE SYNTHS !! This gear has been accumulated over the last 25 years by members of our team and now resides at our studio in North London. This equipment allows us to accurately recreate classic retro sounds for our 80’s Funk and Disco packs that are so popular with our customers.

Whether audio samples or MIDI, rest assured that if you’re looking for a more musical loop collection, there will be something here for you at Smash Up The Studio. Our team here provide a prompt and polite service and any questions regarding our product range will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Thank you to all our customers, we truly value your support and positive feedback.

Smash Up The Studio 2008