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Ambient Axe: £9.95


Atmospheric, Ethereal, Psychedelic, this smoldering selection of guitar licks will add amazing new textures to your music. Perfect for alternative house and chill-out vibes, right through to ambient soundscapes.

Ambient Axe is a sizzling selection of atmospheric guitar riffs. Highly original in style, this collection ranges from hauntingly delicious reversed guitars, aggressive squeals and moans, to warped psychedelic flavors using a wide range of effects.

Consists of loops and jams broken out by bpm, designed to slot straight into your track, and stand alone samples.

Produced by LUNAVISION exclusively for SMASH UP THE STUDIO.



Lunavision are:

Steve bertie Burton: Keyboards/Programming (Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake)
Steve Van Turtle: Guitars and Basses.


Features reversed guitars, wahwah guitar and guitar fx from Ambient Axe.