electrik disco

Electrik Disco - £19.95

80's inspired electronic keyboard loops, from Electro Funk thru to Euro Disco. Sizzling leads, funked up synth licks, deep synth basses, sequenced grooves and arp's, dark melodic phrases, soulful key loops and FX.

midi keys house piano

MIDI Keys: House Piano - £19.95

Smash Up The Studio brings you "MIDI Keys: House Piano"
A superb collection of MIDI loops covering all styles of piano house. Stunning dance floor grooves with wicked chord progressions. This is the definitive house piano library.

electro funk 80s style

Electro Funk 80's Style - £19.95

A classic collection of samples and MIDI in true 80s style. Funky analogue synth hooks, grooving bass lines, great chord progressions, drum samples, vocoder hooks, FX and more. A versatile tool for creating sounds from the 80s and beyond.

midi keys funky electric bass

MIDI Keys: Funky Electric Bass - £14.95

Awesome funky electric bass grooves in MIDI format. This pack is designed specifically for bass guitar software instruments and performed in the style of a real bass player. Covers House, Disco, Funk and Soul.

90's midi key loops

90's MIDI Key Loops - £19.95

The 90’s is back! And with it comes “90’s MIDI Key Loops“ This collection of MIDI loops is bang on the money and perfectly reflects the styles and musical flavours of the era. Performed by keyboardist Steve Burton who himself played on many club hits throughout the 90’s and beyond.

midi lab old skool disco

MIDI Lab: Old Skool Disco - £12.95

Take a trip back to the 70's and 80's with these classic retro disco MIDI construction kits. Features loops for piano, rhodes, synth, clavinet and parts for both synth and electric bass. Also includes professional arrangements for multi-sampled string and horn sections.

retro electro

Retro Electro - £14.95

Retro Electro re-visits the 80's with 3 superb construction kits and a stack of synth loops. There are soaring lead lines, moody basses, hard sequences, melody hooks and FX. All loops are key and tempo labelled and range generally between 4 and 16 bars in length, and between 95 and 160 BPM.

midi keys sexy strings

MIDI Keys: Sexy Strings - £19.95

Awe inspiring classic disco string loops in MIDI format. Expertly arranged and programmed, this collection provides the icing on the cake for serious producers of disco/house! Also contains stunning original MIDI string compositions professionally arranged for multi sampled string plug-ins.

x-treme hardcore

X-treme Hardcore - £12.95

Seriously hard hooks for those who crave that 170BPM Hardcore rush!! This collection covers all harder styles, uplifting Trance keyboard loops, mega bit crushed sequences and basses, filtered beats, grooves and FX.

arpeggios sequences

Arpeggios & Sequences - £14.95

Mind bending and psychedelic arpeggiated grooves and sequences from Smash Up The Studio. From hard "bit crushed" rhythmic pulses to beautiful melodic patterns. Dark deeper moods and uplifting anthemic flavours abound in this versatile collection.

midi keys funky horns

MIDI Keys: Funky Horns - £19.95

Funk up your tunes with this ultra cool selection of Midi horn phrases. Superb arrangements, expertly programmed, these loops are perfect for producers of Disco, Funk, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop and Pop.

midi keys funky horns volume 2

MIDI Keys: Funky Horns 2 - £19.95

Funky loops and phrases for MIDI horn sections. Excellent arrangements, professionally programmed. Designed specifically for producers of Funk, Soul, Disco and Hip Hop.

MIDI Keys Disco Fever

MIDI Keys: Disco Fever - £14.95

Super cool Disco keyboard loops in MIDI format.
If you want those proper chords and riffs like they used to do it back in the late 70's and early 80's then look no further. This brand new collection from Smash Up The Studio features authentic keyboard work in classic Disco styles.

80s electro analog synth loops

80's Electro: Analog Synth Loops - £19.95

Smash Up The Studio present "80's Electro: Analog Synth Loops"
This collection features authentic 80's keyboard loops performed on classic analog synths of the time including Moog, Prophet, Roland, ARP, and others.

midi keys ibiza summer chill

MIDI Keys: Ibiza Summer Chill - £14.95

If you are not a keyboard player but want to recreate the great music you hear in the clubs, "Ibiza Summer Chill" is for you. This pack was designed specifically for fans of the more musical chilled house scene so huge in Ibiza today.

midi keys beach bar house grooves

MIDI Keys: Beach Bar House Grooves - £14.95

From funky deep house grooves to sun kissed chillout vibes, this selection of MIDI keyboard loops is perfect for producers who enjoy chilling at the bar in Ibiza listening to great music. If you can't play keys but still want those cool chords and riffs, this pack is for you.


Ambience - £19.95

Floating ambient textures, huge down-sampled and filtered beats, lush ethereal pads, Bit-crushed synthesizers, hypnotic guitars, mesmerizing sound effects and beautifully sculpted musical progressions are the elements that make up this new pack from Smash Up The Studio.

midi keys deep & jazzy house grooves

MIDI Keys: Deep Jazzy House Grooves - £14.95

Top of the range MIDI keyboard loops for those who like to keep their house music deep and jazzy. Superb chords, groovin' bass lines, lead melody lines and solos. Performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.

altered minds trance

Altered Minds "Trance" - £14.95

Mind bending trance loops from Smash Up The Studio!
Melodic leads, bit crushed stabs, down sampled basses, ethereal pads, spacial effects, pulsing beats, everything you need to create serious trance. Also comes with 3 construction kits including all the sounds from the demo.

club grooves urban guitars

Club Grooves: Urban Guitar - £9.95

Take your music to another level with this awesome selection of electric guitar loops from Smash Up The Studio. Fat, funky, tough and gritty, these terrific urban grooves are ideal for R&B, HipHop, Funk and Soul.

club grooves urban strings

Club Grooves: Urban Strings - £19.95

From the streets of London Town, Wicked String grooves.
Perfect for Hip Hop, R&B, House and Pop, this streetwise collection contains real string loops, synth strings and pads. Amazing chord progressions, real music by real musicians!

midi keys bass 3 trance

MIDI Keys: Bass 3 "Trance" - £14.95

Pump up the volume with this scintillating selection of Killer bass hooks! Perfect for producers, this pack covers various genres of Trance including Tech, Euro, Progressive and Uplifting Trance.

midi keys trance

MIDI Keys: "Trance" - £14.95

A hot new selection of MIDI Trance loops from Smash Up The Studio. Expertly programmed, this pack features lead lines, stabby riffs, arpeggio's, pads, basses, and piano riffs. Also comes with 3 MIDI construction kits
featuring all the parts from the demonstration track including the MIDI beats.

midi keys bass 2 strictly house

MIDI Keys: Bass 2 "Strictly House" - £14.95

Awesome bass grooves for serious House lovers.
Smash Up The Studio rock the dance floor with this pulsating pack of killer bass lines designed specifically for producers of modern house music.

chilled out grooves electric piano uptempo

Chilled Out Grooves: Up-Tempo - £19.95

Chilled Out Grooves: Up-Tempo features super slick, laid back electric piano riffs, perfect for watching the sun come up. Wicked chords, great sounds. From Deep House to DnB. Also comes with bonus beats & guitars as featured on the demos.

midi keys bass house/disco

MIDI Keys: Bass "Disco/House" - £14.95

Contains pumping House riffs perfect for synth bass plug-ins, and super slick electric bass guitar style progressions. Brilliantly played and highly contemporary.

cosmic house electro

Cosmic House Electro - £9.95

Cosmic House features crunching synth licks, fat bass riffs, pumping drum grooves. This collection is packed with searing electro flavours and will have you running for the dance floor. From the dirtiest electro house, thru to space disco samples.

evolving elements house

Evolving Elements House - £7.95

Fresh, exciting sounds of the underground. 333MB of "feel good" House loops designed to get the party started! Wicked drum grooves, crunchy synth licks and fat bass loops, all recorded in 24-Bit audio.

club grooves electric piano 2

Club Grooves Volume 2 - £19.95

Club Grooves Volume 2 (Faster Grooves) is the coolest selection of riffs for electric piano featuring wicked house and dance grooves. This collection is a must for both professionals and novices alike.

club grooves complete

Club Grooves Complete - £29.95

Club Grooves Complete features volumes 1 & 2. Here we have a truly inspiring selection of chord progressions for electric piano performed by a world-class keyboard player with unbelievable credits. Covers House, R&B, Pop & more...

midi keys organ

MIDI Keys: Organ - £14.95

Stunning Organ progressions!
From Soul, Motown, Blues, Jazz and Rock, thru to House. Midi loops of this standard simply didn't exist.... Until now!

midi keys club grooves electric piano 2

MIDI Keys: Club Grooves Volume 2 - £14.95

Amazing Electric Piano chord progressions!
Now you can purchase just the Midi Files from Smash Up The Studio's superb sample pack Club Grooves: Electric Piano volume 2. This pack covers Disco, House and Garage and is an absolute "must have".

midi keys chilled out grooves electric piano uptempo

MIDI Keys: Chilled Out Grooves "Up-tempo" - £14.95

Super slick, chilled out Electric Piano progressions!
Here is an opportunity to purchase the midi files from this great sample pack Chilled Out Grooves Uptempo. Fantastic chords, superbly played. This edition contains laid back House and Disco grooves and cool Drum n Bass vibes.