MIDI Keys blues organ

MIDI Keys: Blues Organ - £14.95

Smokin’ hot blues licks and grooves in MIDI format. Performed in the style of great blues organists such as Jimmy Smith, Steve Winwood and Jon Lord to mention a few, this pack pushes the boundaries of quality MIDI higher than ever before.

electro funk 80s style

Electro Funk 80's Style - £19.95

A classic collection of samples and MIDI in true 80s style. Funky analogue synth hooks, grooving bass lines, great chord progressions, drum samples, vocoder hooks, FX and more. A versatile tool for creating sounds from the 80s and beyond.

midi keys funky electric bass

MIDI Keys: Funky Electric Bass - £14.95

Awesome funky electric bass grooves in MIDI format. This pack is designed specifically for bass guitar software instruments and performed in the style of a real bass player. Covers House, Disco, Funk and Soul.

midi lab electrik funk

MIDI Lab: Electrik Funk - £12.95

Super cool 80's funk and soul oozes from this high end pack of MIDI Construction Kits. Slick keyboard hooks, awesome synth bass lines and classic chord progressions bursting with authenticity. Played by a top session keyboard player to achieve the maximum level of performance.

midi lab funky jazz cuts

MIDI Keys: Funky Jazz Cuts - £12.95

Jazzy, funky and bluesy are all terms which describe perfectly this top end pack of MIDI Construction Kits by Smash Up The Studio. Seriously high level keyboard performances all played live, excellent musical arrangements, gorgeous chord progressions and soloing.

midi lab jazzy soul

MIDI Lab: Jazzy Soul - £12.95

Jazz and Soulful flavours abound in this high end pack of MIDI Construction Kits. Fantastic keyboard performances! Also contains stunning MIDI string and horn arrangements as well as expertly played bass variations. Specifically designed for producers who still prefer music made by musicians.

midi keys funky horns

MIDI Keys: Funky Horns - £19.95

Funk up your tunes with this ultra cool selection of Midi horn phrases. Superb arrangements, expertly programmed, these loops are perfect for producers of Disco, Funk, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop and Pop.

midi keys funky horns volume 2

MIDI Keys: Funky Horns 2 - £19.95

Funky loops and phrases for MIDI horn sections. Excellent arrangements, professionally programmed. Designed specifically for producers of Funk, Soul, Disco and Hip Hop.

electro funk key loops

Electro Funk: Key Loops - £19.95

Smash Up The Studio presents "Electro Funk: Key Loops" a journey back to the post disco era of boogie, funk and soul in the early 1980's. A time when top musicians started replacing traditional funk elements such as horns, drums and bass with synthesizers and drum machines creating a completely new and original sound.

midi keys funky synth bass

MIDI Keys: Funky Synth Bass - £14.95

Seriously funked up MIDI bass loops from Smash Up The Studio.
Superbly performed by a top pro keyboard player and designed specifically for synthesizer bass. This pack is an essential tool for producers of Hip Hop, Funk, R&B and Soul.

midi keys deep & jazzy house grooves

MIDI Keys: Deep Jazzy House Grooves - £14.95

Top of the range MIDI keyboard loops for those who like to keep their house music deep and jazzy. Superb chords, groovin' bass lines, lead melody lines and solos. Performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.

midi keys organ

MIDI Keys: Organ - £14.95

Stunning Organ progressions!
From Soul, Motown, Blues, Jazz and Rock, thru to House. Midi loops of this standard simply didn't exist.... Until now!