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Killer Bass Loops: £29.95


MIDI Keys: Bass Disco/House (click for details)

Disco and house grooves to set your track alight, features Midi loops in bass guitar and synth bass styles.


MIDI Keys: Bass2 Strictly House (click for details)

Killer MIDI bass lines for serious house producers.


MIDI Keys: Bass3 Trance (click for details)

Pulsating trance bass hooks perfect for driving uplifting trance, also covers tech, euro and progressive.


Killer bass grooves for serious house lovers! Pump up the volume with this special price bundle of Midi bass lines from Smash Up The Studio. Played by a top pro keyboardist and perfect for producers of House, Disco and Trance.


Smash Up The Studio gives you the chance to get their 3 renowned Midi bass collections at a special price (normally £60)

These top of the range Midi loops are a stunning addition to any producers collection, and with all Smash Up The Studio products, the standard of performance is of optimum importance.

These loops have been composed and played by Steve Burton who has played keyboards and synth bass on many club classics and mixes by the likes of Joey Negro, CJ Mackintosh, Tim Deluxe and a whole host of top DJ producers, so you know you are getting the real deal with this pack.

The loops are between 4 and 8 bars in length. Styles range from cool Disco vibes for electric bass guitar to funky synth bass patterns with a real musical feel. Also included are harder edged rhythmic grooves perfect for all forms of House and Trance.

Contained in the collection are all of Steve's original Midi files un-quantised as we received them, so if you prefer a more natural feel these will be perfect. If however like a lot of producers today you want your bass lines rock solid and locked in with your drum groove we have also included quantised Midi loops. These have been programmed at various swing factors depending on the style of each individual loop. Some are quantised as a straight 16 which is perfect for Trance, others have more extreme swing factors great for funky house etc. Obviously with Midi loops the editing permutations are endless and of course the more advanced programmers will want to create groove templates in order to match-quantise the Midi exactly with their existing audio and Midi loops. This can all be done in your DAW.

All loops were originally performed at around 125 - 130 BPM, but with Midi you choose the tempo and the sound.

Included in this special edition bundle are:

MIDI Keys: Bass1 Disco/House
MIDI Keys: Bass2 Strictly House
MIDI Keys: Bass3 Trance

Total content
150 MIDI loops (Original)
150 MIDI loops (Quantised)

All content is royalty free.

Produced by Steve Burton for Smash Up The Studio

About the performer

Steve Burton is a session keyboardist, songwriter, producer based in London. His work has covered many genres, from R&B, House, Pop and Jazz thru to Film and Soundtrack. He has featured on many great mixes by artists such as:

Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson
George Michael
Mary J Blige
Justin Timberlake
Aretha Franklin
Jocelyn Brown
Masters At Work
Lynden David Hall
Cheryl Lynn
C&C Music Factory
Barbara Tucker
Ten City
Destiny's Child
Basement Jaxx
Joey Negro
Judy Cheeks
Sounds of Blackness
Bobby Brown
Da Mob
CJ Mackintosh
Jordan Knight
M People
All Saints
Michael Proctor
Ivan Mathius
Natasha Bedingfield
Saffron Hill
Rui Da Silva
Philip Ramirez
Trevor Horn
Love Happy
Double 99
Victoria Beckham
Nu Circle
Emma B
Cevin Fisher
Lisa Stansfield
Tim Deluxe
Kardinal Beats
Soul Dhamma
Dane Bowers
Driza Bone

And many more....